FOCUS SCRIPTURE“Now a certain man was sick, named Lazarus, of Bethany, the town of Mary and her sister Martha.”(John 11: 1)

Our Focal Scripture introduces the story of Lazarus. Nothing much was said about Lazarus prior to his eventual death. So he died unsung. Lazarus still had potentials, he still had life ahead of him, he still had things to achieve, he still had heights to attain; but all of a sudden, he took ill and died. Lazarus’ destiny was cut short abruptly. His destiny was truncated/

Friend, I pray for you today: your destiny will never be truncated. Your life will not be cut short. You will not be an infant of days. You will not end your destiny journey on the way. You will not die unsung. You will not end your journey on earth when you have not yet fulfilled your days and fulfilled the divine assignment that God put upon you; you will not be counted among those whose journey ended without them hitting their targets.

Any satanic plan to cut short your life, I command it to scatter now; I command every attempt against your life to fizzle out; I command every planned attack against you to be exposed and destroyed now; I command every conspiracy that wants to halt your journey abruptly to be scattered by the fire of God; I command every circumstance that wants to put you under to end; I command the battles that want to consume you to end.

Nothing will truncate your destiny; nothing will cut short your dreams; nothing will bury your visions; nothing will bury your future; nothing will make a mess of your life; nothing will subdue your destiny; nothing will conquer you in 2019 and beyond; no evil will prevail over your destiny; no attack of the enemy will have the final say on your destiny; no power of hell will defeat you.
Arise, wage war against anything that wants to bury your destiny. As surely as the Lord lives, your destiny cannot be truncated.


Nothing will truncate my destiny, in Jesus’ name!