FOCUS SCRIPTURE“So David and his men came to the city, and, behold, it was burned with fire; and their wives, and their sons, and their daughters, were taken captives.” (1 Samuel 30:3)

When the enemies came to Ziklag and took away the wives and children of David and his men, they made them captives. Captives are people who have lost the freedom to move; captives may also be moved in certain directions against their wishes. So the wives and children of David and his men lost their freedom; they were to be moved in directions they did not desire to move towards. Their freedom was exchanged with bondage.

Friend, in this year, you will not lose your freedom. Your destiny will not be put in bondage; you will not live in confinement; you will not be in the enemy’s possession; nothing that pertains to you will be taken into custody by the enemy; nothing that God has designed for you will end up in the hands of the enemy; whatsoever God has given you will not be taken into confinement by the enemy; you will not live in confinement.

This year, no power of hell will move you in directions that are contrary to God’s will for you; no power of hell will set your greatness on a downward descent; no power of hell will cause your finances to be in bondage; no power of darkness will confine your spirit man; no power of hell will cause you to lose the freedom you already have in Christ; no evil power will suppress your destiny and cause you to be confined.

If you have embraced Jesus, then you have been inducted into a life of freedom without any shackles. If Jesus has set you free, you have no business with bondage. Enforce the freedom you have in Christ, and send every bondage packing. Break free from every satanic confinement the enemy has placed on you; break free from every limitation the enemy has put on you; break free from every bondage of the enemy.
If God be for you, then you are not a candidate for confinement.


Things may shift but nothing will be lost, in Jesus’ name!