FOCUS SCRIPTURE“And said to his servant, Go up now, look toward the sea. And he went up, and looked, and said, There is nothing. And he said, Go again seven times.” (1 Kings 18: 43)

When Elijah sent his servant to look towards the sea, to see if the rain had begun or at least clouds gathering, the servant came back to say that there was nothing. Elijah had begun to pray for the rain to come, God promised to bring the rain, but despite Elijah’s prayers, nothing was forthcoming. It seemed that Elijah’s expectation was being delayed.

When the rain eventually came, everything happened so fast. After what looked like a delay, things happened so fast. After the delay, there was recovery. After the delay, God responded with the miracle of restoration with compensation. After a season of delay came a spectacular season of speed.

Friend, hear God’s prophetic word: for every delay you have experienced in life, there shall be restoration with compensation. For every time you were slowed down in your movement in life, God will cause your movement to happen with speed. For every delayed expectation, God will cause you to have restoration with compensation. For every season where things became really slow in your life, God will cause things to happen really fast and at the same time.

God will grant you restoration in areas where you have lost time. God will bring you speed for the years when your life moved at a slow pace. God will cause you to experience speed in the places where processes and protocols slowed you down. For all the days you prayed and it seemed that God was silent, you will experience a mighty visitation that will compensate you.

Take every case of delay in your life to God and ask Him for the miracle of restoration with compensation.


Lord, for every time I have lost, let there be restoration with compensation, in Jesus’ name!