FOCUS SCRIPTURE“And they had no child, because that Elisabeth was barren, and they both were now well stricken in years.” (Luke 1:7)

According to our Focal Scripture, Elizabeth and Zechariah had no child. Children represent the next generation. Children are the future. So Elizabeth and Zechariah had no ‘future’ to leave behind. There was no one to continue their family lineage. Having no child meant that Zechariah didn’t have anyone who would succeed him. Zechariah and Elizabeth were faced with a situation where there would be no continuity.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: every lack of continuity in your life is reversed. Every pattern whereby a good thing begins but never continues, is reversed; every negative pattern of shining once in a while and returning to obscurity, is reversed; every pattern of making profit today but seeing none in a long time to come, is reversed; every pattern of starting something good that never continues, is reversed.

Henceforth, every good thing that has begun in your life shall continue. Your good news will continue; your increase will continue; your relevance and importance will continue; your usefulness in God’s kingdom will continue; your influence in your generation will continue; your career will continue; your business will continue; your ministry will continue; your successes and results shall continue against all odds.

Any power of hell that says your good news will not continue, I decree, let that power be crippled. Let every man that wants to halt your advancement be halted by the power of God; let every policy that wants to cut short your movement and advancement be halted by the power of God; let every messenger of Satan that wants to stop you ahead of time be divinely stopped. Let every man, power, policy, etc against your continuity go down. Henceforth, there shall be continuity; no more stopping; no more interruption!


My destiny is blessed with continuity; no good thing will stop on the way, in Jesus’ name!