“And they said unto her, Thou art mad. But she constantly affirmed that it was even so…”(Acts 12: 15)

When Rhoda pointed out to the brethren that Peter was at the door, they refused her counsel. They even said she was mad. They felt she didn’t know what she was saying. They underrated Rhoda. Rhoda was a mere servant, and the brethren may have felt she should not be taken seriously.

Despite their assertion that it was not Peter, Rhoda insisted and affirmed that it was Peter. They called her a mad girl, but she didn’t give up. She insisted on the information she gave them. She was a destiny helper that may have been underrated, but she remained insistent.

Sometimes, we mistakenly underrate the destiny helpers that God has positioned around us. We often make the mistake of taking some people seriously because we feel they have something to offer, and we take others less seriously because we feel they have nothing to offer.

Friend, God says, when your destiny helpers arrive, they won’t walk away, they will insist until they achieve what God sent them to achieve in your life. Your destiny helpers won’t stop until they help you to rise higher; they won’t stop until you get your portion; they won’t stop until you get that job; they won’t stop until God uses them to bring you divine answers. Your destiny helpers will be insistent.

On the flipside, be careful not to underrate any man. You may never know the person or people that God will use to bless you. You may never know the servants of today who have information that can take you higher.

You may never know the subordinates of today who will link you to your next level tomorrow. You may never know who God will use as your next destiny helper.

Pray With Me

Lord, my destiny helpers will insist on helping me; give me wisdom to never underrate any man, in Jesus’ name!

Enjoy A Super Sunday.