FOCUS SCRIPTURE“Wherefore Adonizedek king of Jerusalem sent unto Hoham king of Hebron, and unto Piram king of Jarmuth…”  (Joshua 10:3)

Another king that joined in the conspiracy against the inhabitants of Gibeon was the king of Eglon. The name ‘Eglon’ is a Hebrew word that means ‘calf-like’. In bible times, the symbol of the calf was used when one wanted to accuse someone in the city of Eglon. So the name ‘Eglon’ connotes accusation. Simply put, one weapon that was about to be deployed against Gibeon was the weapon of accusation and lies.

Friend, if you dare to look inwards, you just might discover that you are where you are because of a lie that someone told against you; some things may have happened for you if not that someone used lies to stop them; someone somewhere might just have a wrong impression about you because of a lie that was told against you; the bad news is, you may never be there when false accusations are leveled against you.

Today, every falsehood the enemy has deployed against you, I command it to fizzle out. Any man who is using falsehood to de-market you or destroy your reputation, today I decree, their lies will be exposed; any man who has gone behind you or ahead of you to tell lies that will cause you to be rejected, let the Lord cause their lies to be discovered; let every false accusation against you turn and backfire on your accusers.

We live in a world where falsehood is fast becoming a norm; people tell lies in order to gain a competitive advantage; people tell lies in order to gain patronage; people tell lies in order to be elevated; people tell lies when they want to pull you down. Today, I pray for you: you will not go down because of someone else’s falsehood against you; you will not become a victim of lies that were told when you were not around.

Speak prophetically against every lying tongue that is speaking against you and command them to shut up. You will not go down because of lies and accusations.


I will not be a victim of lies and accusations, in Jesus’ name!